What can gold mining teach entrepreneurs about business and the real riches of business success?

You’ve probably heard someone refer to a new business idea as a nugget of gold – maybe you’ve even said that yourself. But is a gold nugget really all that great?

In gold mining, finding nuggets of gold is what the pan-handlers and gold rush opportunists looked for. They were picking up what they could find on the surface.

People who are serious about gold mining are always looking for the vein. They’re willing to dig deep underground to find a much richer resource.

In business, we can either run the business with surface level “gold nugget” ideas, or we can go deep and search for that rich vein of insight, value or capability that has the potential to drive an unexpected level of success.

The gold nuggets should not be ignored, but they should not be seen as the real opportunity either. The real opportunity for greater riches usually lies below the surface.

The difference between accessing the nuggets on the surface versus the deep vein below the surface is usually down to the commitment and level of risk you’re prepared to offer to find it.

What’s the vein of gold you need to discover in 2021 to create real riches in your business?