They say sex sells and, for many products and services, they’re right! But does it sell for thought leaders or the sale of a wisdom product or service?


Sexy absolutely sells … but how well does it sell?


If the measure of a sale is conversion, then it really sells.


However, if the measure of a sale is client satisfaction and loyalty, the effectiveness is different.


Sexy is often shallow at best and offensive at worst.


There is a better conversation for thought leaders to have with the market.


Deeply profound will always outsell sexy!


“Just Do It!” is one of the best marketing tags on the planet.


Does it work because it’s sexy or because it’s deeply profound?


We all know that looking good is one thing, but winning is another thing all together.


“Just Wear It!” would never have worked for Nike!


“Ideas Worth Sharing” works for TED because it’s simple and profound.


But profound takes work to unpack.


Some of the most common feedback when we take clients through the process of unpacking their visual models is how the models have completely changed their view of their business.


That’s because the models, if done well, always take people to a much deeper and more profound level of understanding.


How profound is your message to market?