I was totally staggered when I read this …

According to Fjord Trends 2021, 50% more businesses were created in June 2020 compared with the same month in 2019 …

Even in a pandemic, there are massively increasing numbers of businesses competing for the same share of your customers’ attention as you are.

It’s a crowded, noisy marketplace. You MUST find a way to get above the noise and stand out from the crowd in 3, key ways:

Your CHARACTER – tells them they can trust you.
Your CAPABILITY – tells them you can help them.
Your CONNECTION – tells them that you “get them.”

You must find the ELEVATION FACTOR that lifts you up into your own space – head and shoulders above the crowd.

The question is – what is that elusive Elevation Factor?

Well, it’s not ego-based, high-pressure marketing and selling. That type of selling attacks character.

What do you think it might be?

You can find out if you’re correct in my next post!

In the meantime, we’ll be running our first Models Method Sales Masterclasses for 2021 next week … and we only do 3 a year!

I’m going to be sharing how you can make YOUR sales conversation stand head and shoulders above the crowd in 2021.