Your customer has very likely made up their mind about you by the time they actually talk to you …


If they’re in a conversation with you there’s a reason why. Usually, it’s because there’s something about you that interests them.


That creates an uncomfortable truth. If the customer is having a conversation with you, they’ve already made a decision to let you sell to them. If they aren’t happy to let you sell to them, they’ll use an objection of indifference to escape.


They’ll say things like “let me think about it”, “I’m not ready yet, I’ll get back to you …”. These are objections designed to get them out of the discussion.


So, if the customer is staying in the conversation with you, the ball is in your court. The customer is waiting for you to do ONE thing – craft some certainty around the outcome they’re seeking.


How you show up, sell and communicate complexity, either creates doubt or crafts certainty.


Think about the last ten sales conversations you had and rate them on a scale from one to ten, where one is you created doubt and ten is you crafted certainty. 


On average, where do you sit on the scale?