Have you ever wondered about the concept of opinion? How do we form an opinion and more importantly, how do we hold onto an opinion?


All of us have opinions that we vigorously express. We also observe opinions others hold true, that we disagree with. The eternal question is “Whose opinion is right?”


Let’s just stop for a moment and explore my opinion about opinions!


I believe (code for, “in my opinion”) that to form an opinion you need two things – information about a situation and a willingness to make a judgement about that information. Forming an opinion is pretty straight forward.


Holding onto your opinion is another thing all together.


To hold onto an opinion, in my opinion, requires the introduction of a third element … ignorance! To hold onto your view as the ONLY truth, requires you to ignore or disagree with all evidence to the contrary.


To hold onto the opinion that the world is flat would require you to avoid, ignore or disagree with every other bit of evidence that breaks your truth about a flat world.


Opinions can be risky. Taking the lead from Einstein … THEORIES that you continually test and retest are better.


What’s your opinion about opinions?