There’s a world of difference between sales leadership and sales management. And the difference is really quite simple …


Sales management often involves driving the numbers – getting sales people to hit their targets. Managing the visible!


High performing sales people see selling as a challenge – an

opportunity to perform, to be better than the rest of the field that they’re playing in. 


It’s a voluntary choice! It’s more about the invisible, the magic.


Great sales performance occurs when the sales team chooses to rise up and that starts with great sales leadership – how the leader shows up in every moment … in the small things that matter. 


John Maxwell says that everything rises and falls on leadership. Sales people can only rise up if the leader rises to the challenge … has the resilience to step up and to lead not because they have to, but because they choose to.


The leader must be the first volunteer.


Great leaders do two things, they manage the visible and lead the invisible!


If you’re a sales leader, are you truly leading or are you