What is the highest value of your sales process?  Would your customers feel like your sales process is mostly about serving them or mostly about serving you?


A focus on the product or service, with any sort of pressure to move the sale forward, displays a greater focus on the sale and this often comes across as being mostly about serving ourselves. 


Helping the customer to recognize their blind spots, and realize the potential that is really available to them, displays a greater focus on their outcomes and this usually comes across as being mostly about them.


This is particularly important in today’s pandemic world where everyone is under some level of pressure.  You can’t use pressure to sell to someone who is already under pressure.  Pressure pushes people away.


When people are under pressure, they really want a hug and to be told, “It’s going to be okay.”


CEB Global research outlines four key drivers of customer loyalty – Value to price ratio (9%), Company and brand impact (19%), Product and service delivery (19%) and the Customer’s experience during the sales process (53%). 


HOW we sell has the greatest impact on customer loyalty.


So what does the way YOU sell say about the highest values of YOUR sales process?