Do you want richer, deeper conversations with your prospects than any of your competitors?


Would you like to be able to convert at speed, without compromising price or rate of conversion?


How about having a greater level of control over your sales activities?


Achieve these three outcomes and your business has Sales Certainty Superpower – you’ll have reliable, predictable and efficient sales.


The levers that drive this superpower are Strategy, Story and Structure. A 1300-character LinkedIn post doesn’t allow us to get into them all , but I do want to look at Structure and one of the three accelerators behind it – TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANTAGE.


It’s reality these days, that if you don’t use technology creatively and intelligently, you’ll be seen as falling behind.


The customer forms their opinion about how you will serve them, based on how well you sell to them. When you use technology in innovative and engaging ways to create a standout experience, you gain a Technological Advantage.


You’re seen as up with it … or maybe even ahead of the curve!


Does your use of tech in selling, position you as ahead of the curve or falling behind?