An interesting thing happened to me on social media last week …


Ever had that experience when someone who doesn’t know you and has never bought from you, contacts you to offer advice that, based on your results, is so off-track that you don’t even need to pretend to try and be interested?


Worse still, have you ever BEEN that person who is offering the advice?


The lesson is simple …


Firstly, NEVER get offended. Far too much energy is burnt by taking offence. Just ask the question … “Based on my results, does that advice make sense?” If not, move on. If it does, listen.


More importantly, NEVER start a relationship by imposing YOUR judgment of the OTHER person’s performance, followed by how you can take them to a new level. 


NEVER diminish the dignity of a prospective new connection to lift your own ego.


ALWAYS endeavour to understand the other person first. Ask questions, don’t make statements. Only when you truly understand at a deep level can you provide profound advice.


And, only when you resist being offended and instead ask, based on results, if there is any improvement to be made, can you become the very best you could ever be.


Choose FIRST to understand … seek ALWAYS to improve.