How you spend your time is the very best indicator of how grateful you are for the opportunities that have been put in front of you.  We’re 17 days into 2020, how much gratitude are you displaying?


When we use time poorly, we’re really showing a lack of respect for our opportunities.


When we use time well, we’re showing appreciation for the same opportunities.


Time is the strategic leveller.  


Time takes our behaviour, positive and negative, and amplifies them.


If we drift along, over time every opportunity will pass us by.  Drift always goes downwards.


If we act decisively, deliberately and courageously, opportunities will turn into achievement and that achievement will create more opportunity.


The only way upwards is decisiveness and courage.


The simple passing of time turns our drift habits and achievement decisions into our future reality.


So much of your future reality comes from within you.


The world constantly puts opportunity in front of us … all it asks of us is to be courageous, decisive and action oriented.


Drift or decisiveness will determine your 2020 results.


What will your 2020 look like?