Has the Covid 19 Pandemic, societal tensions and international conflict changed the way people buy?


We’ve seen a shift from superficial to deep. People are thinking about things at increasingly deeper levels and are looking for greater substance in the assistance they seek.


What does that mean in terms of how we show up in the marketplace? 


I think it challenges us to question whether we show up as a purely commercial entity ready to transact, a paradigm-changing problem solver or the Sage that brings compelling, wisdom-based value to the buyer.


Of course, everyone wants to deal with the Sage.


The commercial entity just wants to do a deal. The paradigm-changing problem solver wants to deliver innovation BUT the Sage stands in the marketplace with POWERFUL HUMILITY and doesn’t need to sell or explain.


The wisdom in their value is so self-evident, so incontestable that it cannot be ignored. And this starts with the simplicity of their expression of that value.


This is the challenge, to think deeply enough about what we do, to be able to express that level of value in such simple ways that the need to “sell” becomes irrelevant.


What deeper thinking do you need to do to become the Sage in your market?