The human brain uses some pretty great techniques to make life easier for us …


One of those techniques is COMPLETION. To help us make sense of things, the brain takes fragments of ideas or information and makes a whole out of them. We don’t like incompletions, so the brain tries to complete everything for us. It tries to close the loop.


The problem is that the brain creates those completions on what it knows. As we try to make a sale, the buyer’s brain will take the fragments of information we give them and complete the picture according to what they know.


That could mean they take fragments of information you provide and make a square, when you are actually selling a circle. They may want a square, but THEIR completion is THEIR reality – so they won’t buy from you.


That’s why visual models are a genuine game changing sales method. Every model takes fragments of an idea and crafts them into a structured, visual reality – a blueprint for the buyer’s brain, that they can follow to completion and land at the place you intended them to.


Don’t just share information, present powerful visual models to make sure your customers get the complete story!