One of the first things a business usually tries to do is find a way to differentiate their product or service …


What if this is the wrong approach?


Michael Gerber’s Fourth Principle of The Most Successful Small Business In The World says “A small business must be sustainable through all economic conditions, in all markets, providing meaningful, highly differentiated results to all of its customers.”


This is a big statement! There’s a lot in there to consider but for now, let’s talk about the idea that a business must be sustainable, in part by providing meaningful, highly differentiated RESULTS to ALL its customers.


It’s an interesting thought that the very best differentiation has little to do with your product or service or how it is unique or different to any other product or service you compete with. 


What if differentiation hinged on just one factor … how differentiated your customers’ RESULTS are because they bought from you, as opposed to any other alternative.


How would you stack up? How do any of us stack up? How big and bold is the promise you’re willing to make?


What do differentiated results even look like? 


Gerber has a habit of asking tough questions – but we must all ask ourselves these questions … all the time!