People have changed during the past six months and your value proposition will need to change with it …


The tensions of recent times have caused people to look deeper and seek greater truth.


Superficial just doesn’t cut it anymore … it actually never should have anyway.


Consider the model – at the surface, a lot of value positioning is against PERCEIVED VALUE. What a corrupt idea! Value should never have to be perceived – it’s either there or it isn’t.


Value should always be REAL!


At the next level, value is PRACTICAL. Real, implementable, results-based.


These two levels are really obvious expressions of value and are often contained in authority marketing messages. Unfortunately, being an authority has become commoditised.


The next level is MEANINGFUL value. This level IMPACTS the customer in ways that change their life experience in the context of the problem they’re trying to solve.


This expression of value requires greater empathy with the customer.


At the deepest level, the value becomes PROFOUND. This value is based on a humble expression of wisdom.


The wise sage is able to step into the future and SHOW the customer what THEIR future should look like. Profound value is priceless!


How profound is your expression of value?