People quite like boxes! Boxes give them boundaries and make them feel safe!


As much as we might want to be uninhibited, adventurous, carefree, creative and innovative … when it comes to buying, people quite like boxes.


What do I mean by that?


When we buy something and spend our hard earned cash, we really want tight boundaries. In truth, we actually want full risk reversal. A guarantee.


We simultaneously want the big “almost too good to be true” promise … and at the same time we want the certainty of hard boundaries.


We want to know EXACTLY what we will be getting. It is unsettling when we are being told that we could get “MAYBE this …” or “depending on the circumstance, you could have this, but …”.


None of us like MAYBE THIS!


A guarantee is a great “box” if you can offer one … and you should try to if you can. But if you can’t offer a guarantee, another type of box that gives your prospect a sense of “EXACTLY THIS” is a visual model.


A model puts your big idea inside boundaries, gives it shape and lets the prospect SEE it. In many ways, the model itself is so clear as a framework, that it almost becomes a form of insurance policy.


What tools do you use to create that “EXACTLY THIS” message for your customers?