When we sell, we’re building a bridge for the prospect to walk over. How solid is the bridge you build for your prospects?


Every sale is a process of asking your prospect to step outside their comfort zone. By definition, they are buying something new, and there will be some level of discomfort in that. 


In a complex sale the discomfort will likely be greater. The greater the change, the more the comfort zone conspires to keep your prospect safely inside its boundaries.


When we sell, we are really creating a bridge over the edge of the comfort zone that the prospect can emotionally walk across. The bridge must feel safe to them … comfortable to cross. 


If you ask them to make too big a jump, they won’t move at all. Too little a jump and they may think that what you offer isn’t that valuable. It’s a fine balancing act.


In our world, we build a powerful visual model that contains elements that are familiar to them as well as elements that are new to them – namely, our concept and what we are offering.


The model acts as a mental and emotional bridge that they can SEE and step into and use to cross the edge of the comfort zone.


What mechanism or technique do you use to build the bridge across the comfort zone?