If we’re truthful, most of us want to be first. 


The first to get something new, the first in the line, the first to win …


More importantly though is the reality that NO ONE wants to be last!


If we can’t be first, we’ll accept average … at least there’s safety in numbers!


We might think of this as a Curve of Human Ego & Identity.


“I’d love to be first, but if I can’t be first it’s okay to be average … so long as I’m not a loser!”


Whatever you sell, it’s important to understand this simple dynamic.


There are premium pricing opportunities if your offer POSITIONS your clients to be first. 


There are also premium pricing opportunities if your offer will PROTECT your clients from losing.


The difference between the two is your messaging.


It’s hard to sell to someone who wants to be first, with a message designed to help someone avoid being last.


It’s also hard to sell to someone who is worried about being last with a message designed for someone who wants to be first.


They are different identities.


So, we end up selling to the middle and the message begins to appeal to the average.


When our message is average, we end up in a comparative pricing world – in the mix with everyone else.


How clear and targeted is your message?