The human brain can’t stand an unsolved problem, an unfinished sentence, or an incomplete visual model.


We call these open loops – maybe one of the most powerful sales tools around.


Sometimes we are too keen to give people all the answers. 


Often, it is more powerful to leave them with some questions.


Open loops spark curiosity – one of the most useful emotional states to trigger when you are trying to make a sale.


let’s say I told you there were JUST three steps that could take you from the input of an available market to the output of higher sales conversion.


And those three steps are like a narrowing pathway that leads directly to the sale.


Then let’s imagine that I tell you that the first step is to have a precisely matched message, that connects directly and deeply to the profound needs of the market.


Next, let’s imagine that I told you I was about to run out of characters in this post and I didn’t have the space to tell you what steps 2 and 3 are. 


Let’s also imagine I left spaces 2 and 3 on the model empty.


It would drive you mad – you might feel like you just HAVE to know what those two steps are.


They have become open loops that will lead you to me.


Open loops … so powerful! How are you using them?