Simplicity outsells complexity EVERY time …


Yet there’s a tendency to load the sales story with jargon and complex language that does nothing to enhance the sale.


If you sell a complex product or service, you cannot overlay complex communication to make the sale.


Complexity of product MUST be supported with simplicity of communication.


Importantly, simplicity does not equal dumbing down … simplicity is really about getting to core truth.


So, why do we use such complex communication in selling?


We only get to simplicity through pondering – diving deep into the rediscovery of the product THROUGH THE CUSTOMER’S EYES.


But this pondering takes time and we humans are an impatient lot.


So, we craft the story with what WE’RE comfortable with, NOT what the customer might be more comfortable with.


Impatience always creates complexity or worse, conflict!


Here’s the thing though …


Time taken in the pursuit of simplicity in the sales story, will pay out in every customer interaction.


Simplicity has a compounding effect.


Simplicity is also easier for your customers to share – complexity on the other hand is impossible to share!


How could you simplify your sales communication today?