There’s never been a more important time for leaders to lead …


In his 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership, one of my favourite contributors to leadership literature, John Maxwell, nails it with Law # 1 – the Law Of The Lid.


To paraphrase – the level of the leader’s lid, determines the levels of potential and performance of themselves and their team.


The lid applies to many things – emotional state, clarity, courage, decisiveness, empathy and so on.


Of course, I have a model to express this!


Applying Todd Herman’s research in how leaders are responding during these challenging times – fear-focused, through un-focused to strategy/action-focused – I built a vertical scale that we can use to position the leader’s lid.


No one in the team can rise above the leader’s lid … 


If they do, they will probably leave the team or become problematic.


So the big question in turbulent times is where is your leadership “focus” lid set to?


If your lid is at 3 or lower, it’s likely your team will be gripped by fear.


If your lid is between 4 and 7 then your team will be unfocused.


If your lid is above 8 we’re likely to see a level of action focus.


These times were built for true leaders to step up!


And as a parting note … every parent is a leader too!