There’s a really simple, but often overlooked mismatch that can exist in the sales exchange that will get in the way of seamless conversion.


That mismatch is sometimes disguised with the throwaway statement “they’re not my client …”


What is that mismatch?


it’s the mismatch between what the CUSTOMER NEEDS you to be versus who YOU WANT to be.


Your ideal client has a deeply felt sense of who THEY NEED you to be.


They may buy your product or service, but they need you to show up in a certain way to trust you.


On the other hand, you have a deeply felt sense of who YOU WANT to be.


Unfortunately who they need you to be often mismatches with who you want to be.


Here’s the rub!


You’re the seller and they’re the buyer …


Creating that match up is YOUR responsibility NOT theirs!


They get to choose someone else if they don’t match with you.


So how can you manage that match up?


Deep intel. In selling intel is everything.


The more you know about them, and the more insightful you are about you, the more powerfully you can position for the perfect match.


So, quick check, on a 5 point scale where 5 is a perfect match and 1 is a total mismatch, how well matched do you think who YOU are choosing to be is, to who THEY need you to be?