The word of the moment is “Pivot” …


Everyone’s “pivoting” their product or service … but what does that mean?


Well, pivoting is certainly NOT discounting.


Actually, is pivot even the right word?


The marketplace ranges from boom times at one end and depressed at the other.


The challenge in business is to be relevant to the CURRENT marketplace.


That means POSITIONING rather than pivoting.


Every business should have a unique genius that allows it to be of profound, compelling, self-evident value to the customer.


The genius of your business should be capable of being applied in any market condition … from depressed to booming.


Your genius should provide a core strength that can be expressed in any range of options, based on what the market wants or needs.


In boom times, people are happy to buy into the big idea, the opportunity … desire driven offers that are future paced.


In depressed times, your genius MUST be expressed through step-by-step solutions that provide immediate, survival-driven benefits to the customer.


Your genius must be solid, you position it against the market and THEN you pivot the APPLICATION and COMMUNICATION of that genius.


How are you repositioning the genius of your business?