During uncertain times, it’s natural to look outward in the hope of finding something, or someone, to hold onto that will give you stability.


Of course, true stability comes from within.


Our centre of gravity is contained within us and it holds us stable as we walk around our physical environment … no matter the changes in the terrain that might confront us.


However, it’s just as important to have a “centre of clarity” that holds us mentally and emotionally stable as we navigate the world around us … no matter how uncertain the environment.


Your centre of clarity is your true, certainty anchor.


Three things help to create a centre of clarity …


  1. Always start with context – context gives EVERYTHING meaning
  2. Pursue evidence-based truths – fact is more powerful than opinion
  3. Remember that all things pass – time always reduces the intensity


In these extraordinary times, the world needs each of us, more than ever before, to claim our own certainty from within.


I wonder … are you?