While here in the US, I was listening to a presentation from a friend of mine who helps take businesses from $1m to $100m by stabilizing the underlying foundation of the business. 


He gives clear direction around building leadership and creating efficiency & effectiveness inside the company. 


In his talk, he made a really simple parallel that, in every company, time equals growth. 


And he specifically talked about the time that the founder, the owner or the manager of the business has available to be strategic and drive the company forward. 


Most of us are locked down in the day to day. 


And so he promotes the idea of a time study – an old concept from Peter Drucker, the renowned management guru from the 70s & 80s. 


A simple concept. 


Your diary represents your capacity as the leader of the business to think strategically and drive the business forward. 


Monitor your diary in 15min lots for 2 weeks and then have a look at where your mind has spent most of its time over that period. 


And that will probably directly correlate to where your business is at right now. 


Such a simple idea … 


The leader’s time equals the growth of the business. 


Just check … how well is YOUR time freeing YOU up in order to drive the growth of your business?