A new client, who signed up yesterday to work 1:1 with me, said something quite astounding …


He told me that he has a great sales team and marketing team and that he’s a member of some terrific business groups … but just felt SOMETHING was missing.


He’s been looking, but wasn’t sure what it was, where to find it … or even, how to articulate it.


That was until he saw me presenting at an event late last week … and he instantly recognised what it was he was looking for and just KNEW he had to work with us!


So what was it?


It was seeing how the right models … 


Presented at the right time … 


With the right choreography and punchlines … could potentially transform his business!


And that’s the power of the models in selling!


Whilst they may appear simple to the customer, they are built with a profound understanding of what makes people tick and the science of persuasion and influence!


That’s why I TRULY love what we do!


Seeing our clients go silent when I run through their final models, drop their pen on the desk and quietly whisper … “How did you do that?”


“How did you just sell our product better than we do?”


And it’s all about the magic of the right model!


So, how do you create that type of magic for your clients?