Yesterday, I went back to where it all began!


I spent the day in a small town about 100km out of Perth working with a great client around their sales strategy and their sales models.


Forty years ago (I know it makes me sound old!), I started my working life as a young, apprentice auto-electrician in that same town and had to learn how to read electrical circuits … my first foray into creating and drawing visual diagrams!


It was something I really enjoyed and, under the instruction and guidance of my pretty phenomenal first boss, Kelvin, I was actually awarded Apprentice of the Year, across all trades, for 3 of the 4 years of my apprenticeship.


And, to make me feel even older yesterday, it turns out I actually went to school with the parents of a few members of my client’s current sales team!


Of course, over the years, I continued to love drawing and creating visual models in my management consulting business, working with some of the country’s biggest companies, the military and the government.


And to think it all started as a fresh-faced apprentice keen to learn … with a great boss!  


Thanks Kelvin! 


How far back can you go to pin point exactly where you started to lay down the foundation for what you do today?