So many business owners tell me they have a truly disruptive solution – but there’s a key question to ask …


As much as you’d like to believe it, is your product or service really as disruptive as you think it is?


Disruption is NOT defined by your marketing!


Disruption is defined by a mass change in behaviour, among the majority of people using the new solution.


Disruptive products and services must shift the current paradigm by an unexpected or unforeseen factor of magnitude.


When people tell me they have a totally disruptive solution I’m usually looking at it through a different lens to theirs.


So let’s step back from disruption and look at innovation.


You really may have an innovative solution, but it is getting harder and harder to do.


There actually only are two major areas of innovation to drive business success.


Innovate your product – usually hard to do.


Innovate your communication.  


Engage with your market in a much more innovative way than your competitors.


This is easier to do!


Go deep, express profound value, simplify complexity.


That’s why we built the Visual Models-Based Selling System.


To help smart businesses innovate their communication to their markets.


How are you innovating your communication?