There are always two forces in play anytime you engage in a process of conversation or influence … and selling is both conversation AND influence so – what are the two forces?


When we sell to someone, we are fundamentally asking them to put aside every other option available to them, and choose us instead.


When we do that there are two emotional forces that play out.


Resistance and acceptance!


Resistance is hard wired and is our reptilian brain self-defence mechanism.


It works at a much faster speed than acceptance.


So when we push the fear or lack button in the buyer, they may well feel the emotional heat, but it often also ramps up resistance.


If instead we acknowledge what’s good about their situation and then show them how we can turn good into great, resistance goes down, and that creates the space for acceptance to go up.


But how can you do this in practical terms?


When we show a client a great model, they can always identify positively with some parts of it.


That allows them to feel better about things.


It also shows them how their situation can be enhanced and this allows the sale to be made without pressure.


How do you take pressure out of your sales conversations?