When was the last time you audited your sales process? 


Have you EVER done so?


I had an interesting experience this week …


A client I’ve been working with was thinking about where they would use the models we’ve built in their sales process.


To proactively lead this discussion, I asked for everything they currently use in their sales process.


It was a bit of a shock!


A YouTube testimonial they share with the prospect shows an interview with a competitor of theirs when their testimonial video finishes.


Their landing pages and emails they send out have inconsistent branding and are visually cluttered.


These were not the only problems in their sales process.


They hadn’t looked closely at their sales assets for quite a while and those very assets were costing them the sale.


Auditing your sales process, looking at every aspect of the interactions your prospects have with you, can be both enlightening and frightening.


It can also be one of the easiest and fastest ways to increase your conversion rate.


Sometimes STOPPING doing some things is more powerful than STARTING new things.


Do yourself a favour – audit your sales process this week and see what you find … you might be surprised!