We live in a fast-paced, impatient world.  Everyone wants everything NOW!  I hear it all the time …


“How quickly will the models increase my conversion rates?” 


Or “How fast can we get the sales models we need?”


These questions ignore a counter-intuitive concept in elite performance that not everyone wants to hear.


Patience is the key to accelerated results!


But what does that really mean?


Too often, we want to jump straight into the results we see others achieving, without patiently doing the foundational work that builds the muscle and skill needed for elite results.


Elite performers learn, practice and continually improve to be able to easily step into the performance zone and accelerate their results.


Most people forego the patience and focus needed to become elite.


It’s like wanting to pick up a musical instrument and play it with no practice.  


Good musicians spend enough time building the foundational skills, to be able to pick up their instrument and play almost anything.  Their results begin to accelerate.


Business, and especially sales, are just the same.  


It’s all about patiently building solid foundations and building skill.


Would you say your business is patient and focussed  … or impatient?