How did you sell in 2010?  What technology were you using?  What was your messaging like?  How did you stand out in the market place?


Let’s create context …


In 2010 the iPhone was 3 years old and the iPad launched that year.


I’m sure no one was drawing on an iPad to sell.


Dropbox was 4 years old – Google Drive was 2 years away.


Moving large files was difficult – using video as a sales tool was impossible.


Video conferencing was a “big company” technology.


Selling was word heavy and we were still in the world of “101 Sales Closes That Work” sales training.


Jump to 2020, how do you sell today?


The internet reduces everything to communication – and visual communication rules.


Text heavy messages have been replaced with customers wanting to “get it at a glance”.


In today’s world if they can’t SEE it, they can’t buy it.


Enter the power of visual models.  


Well designed visual models represent complex products visually and structurally.


Customers can see it and get it … in just minutes!


So, is your selling stuck in the last decade?


My recent Masterclass on the selling power of visual models was well received.


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