There are two major innovations in business that can profoundly change the trajectory of your business …


You can innovate your product or service to a level that naturally and obviously positions it well above all other options available in the market.


This is becoming increasingly harder to do.


Even if you do innovate above the market, in a 2020 world, that innovation is likely to last for a very short time before others pass you.


The second form of innovation is how you communicate to the market.


In a world where the internet is shrinking everything else, highly skilled communication is an expansive power.


My obsession with creating visual models, as a game changing innovation in communication, has been driven by the belief that a more ethical, elegant and transparent sales process would always outsell a pressure-based sales process.


The success we’ve seen with clients using powerful visual models absolutely validates this belief.


In two days time, I’m running an online masterclass to explore how the power of visual models can create compelling customer interest AND increase conversion rates and speed WITHOUT fast-talking, pressure-based selling.


If you’d like to join me on the masterclass, just type masterclass in the comment below.