There’s a sales superpower that so many people are aware of and yet fail to properly utilise when they are selling …

It’s a genuine smile!

Today, October 4, is World Smile Day and, as a global movement, the concept is simple … do something nice for just one person today to make them smile.

What a wonderful idea!

So, what’s the science behind the simple, genuine smile?

When we smile authentically, the muscle movements stimulate the brain reward system and triggers a powerful, positive emotional response.

Smiling creates brain reward that matches the happiness that doing exercise creates.

Basically, when we smile authentically, the brain feels good and because of that, we smile even more.

It’s a feel good, self-generating cycle.

When others smile at us, we smile back, and we tend to mimic their smile.

This mimicry allows us to subconsciously measure how much pleasure our own smile gives us and that creates feedback about how authentic the smile we are mimicking actually is.

We are highly skilled at discerning between fake smiles and real smiles.

So, smile, authentically when you sell, especially today.

Make smiling habitual, make others feel good. 

Oh, and along the way … sell more!

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