Simplification is the most complex thinking there is and it is the most valuable thing you can sell …

No one wants to buy complexity. Whilst your prospect may have a complex problem that you solve, they don’t want you to offer them a complex solution. 

They pay you to give them the shortest, simplest pathway to the result they want. Your deep and profound genius isn’t that you know how to solve the problem. The genius is in your ability to solve the problem with the least amount of effort required by your clients.

That doesn’t mean you dumb your work down to a commoditised level that can’t be differentiated from anyone else. Instead it means you organise and package your genius so it can be communicated simply and cleanly to your client.

That’s what we use visual models for. A well designed visual model gives your client both visual and structural access to your solution. When they can both see your solution, and the organisation of it, everything becomes much simpler.

Visual models are weapons of simplification and your sales armoury should have a suite of key models that simplify your sale. 

What’s your favourite way to simplify the complexity of what you sell?