The single most powerful thing you can do in any complex sale is to simplify … so why do so many sales people think that complicating things makes them look impressive?

Simplification is the secret to speed of selling.

Simplification is also the secret to scaling your selling.

However, the pathway from the complex sale is NOT directly from complexity to simplicity.

Simplicity lives on the other side of chaos.

Your prospect will find themselves confronted with a complex problem and that will transition them into a level of chaos and confusion about how to solve that problem.

Too often sales people focus on the transition between complexity and chaos and confusion, and try to position as the super smart thought leader that has all the answers.

This type of selling often creates pressure and overwhelm in the customer.

When you accept the customer’s chaos and confusion and normalise it, you let them recognise that their chaos and confusion is expected with the complexity they’re faced with.

When you make chaos and confusion okay, you can move your prospect into the transition between chaos and confusion and simplicity.

When you become a simplifier for them, you become a sage, a guru, someone who brings them calm.

When you simplify you also stabilise and that stability adds enormous value to your product or service.

Visual models offer structure and form and they let your prospect see the forces in play.

Visual models are the ultimate form of simplification for complex concepts.