She wouldn’t let me order the chicken dish …

I went to dinner last night with three friends that I hadn’t seen for a while.

We had lost a good friend a while ago and it was a chance to catch up and share stories.

So we were in fine form!

The waitperson really got us and what we were there for, so she too was in fine form.

When I ordered the chicken dish she said “I’m not bringing you the chicken!”

I told her I was allergic to seafood so what else did she suggest?

She said the short rib. She laughed and said ’even if you order the chicken, I’m bringing you the short rib!”

She was an engaging and involved waitperson.

The short rib was spectacular.

She got a big tip!

So whats’ the lesson here?

She had tapped into who we were and how we were showing up and she backed herself to sell us what we didn’t even realise we might want.

She could have settled and just sold the chicken … just be  an order taker – or she can tap in and be an unexpected value adder.

Such a simple lesson from a restaurant waitperson who loves what she does and is great at it.

What’s your “chicken dish” moment of intimate customer insight in how you sell?