You cannot be shallow and deep at the same time!  It is simply impossible!

You cannot have superficial conversations with prospects about the mechanics and specifications of your product or service AND take them deep into the profound, transformation and timeless value you create, at the same time … unless you use a visual model to do it!

All the value you sell is in the ambiguity that the prospect doesn’t really understand.  The future that you can see for them, but they can’t see for themselves.

The transactional level of the iceberg is only 10% of what is really going on.  All the power is really contained in the 600,000 tonnes of ice below the surface.

The same is true for your product or service.

If you want to get prospects away from price, you have to take them deep!

If you want to outsell your competition and have your prospects see the true genius of what you do, you have to take them deep!

If you want your entire team, especially your salespeople, you become crusaders for your cause, you have to take them deep!

Sure sexy sells, BUT profound will outsell sexy every day of the week!