What level do you typically sell to when you have a sales conversation with a prospective client?

If you think about the sales conversation as an iceberg, there are three levels you might sell into.

Above the waterline is the obvious and visible “problem and solution” level. This is a shallow conversation and usually ends up in a lowest price discussion.

Immediately below the waterline is the deeper conversation about how you solution will change their situation. This is less visible, and leans in on how they think others might view them. Are they successful or unsuccessful in the context of the problem you solve.

At this middle level the focus is on ROI.

At the base of the iceberg you find the deeply transformational conversation about who they will become as a result of engaging with your solution. This starts to get to the heart of how they see themselves.

Do they see themselves as insightful, self-aware and connected?

At this level, the focus is on how they will feel about the results you get and what it will mean for them and their self-identity.

It’s pretty obvious that the base of the iceberg is worth more money than the tip of the iceberg. 

What level are you selling at?