There’s a shift happening in sales and it couldn’t have come at a better time …

I was recently very honoured to have been contacted by The Australian Business Journal as one of the people included in their recent article “The 15 Australian Sales Experts And `Coaches To Watch In 2021”.  It’s a list of sales professionals that have something in common – they all seem to subscribe to selling as a force for good.

For too long selling has been seen as the messy end of business.  Pressure, scarcity, urgency and many other pressure techniques have given selling a bad name.  

Yet selling is where the magic starts.  Selling is where we win the license to serve the client.  Until they buy from us, we can’t really help them.

These sales experts and coaches all talk about a common theme – the need to really come at the sale from the customer’s perspective.  To connect deeply to their needs and wants and make sure that what you sell them will make a difference to them.

At the surface level we all know this to be true, but at the deeper level, do we really believe it, let alone practice it?

When the customer recognises that you truly “get them” everything changes.  There is nothing more powerful in marketing and sales than to be able to connect with the customer at an intimate level of understanding.

This shift to more noble selling is overdue.  With all the pressure placed on people in this world we live in, the last thing we need to do is use unnecessary pressure as a sales tool.

I’m thrilled to stand alongside these experts and position sales a true force for good in business.

My challenge to you is simple, what can you do in your business to make the way you sell the most noble thing you do?