How do you sell without selling part three … 

From parts one and two we know that if you can create Buyer Safety and then facilitate a challenge-based conversation, you’re well on your way to selling without being pushy or salesy … selling without selling.

When you do this you show up with a POWERFUL CALM that positions you differently to everyone else.

In part three, we put the final key in the lock.

Once the prospect feels safe and they recognise the change they need to make, they need HOPE.

Without hope, everything is lost.  Of course we can future pace the prospect and show them a future solution, but solutions fall short of offering hope.

By themselves, solutions raise a couple of questions … 

Will this work?  Will this work for me?

What is it that makes someone jump feet first into a new situation or into a new relationship?

The answer is hope … the hope for something better!  When hope becomes confidence and confidence becomes certainty, we are more likely to “buy” the change we need to make.

But it starts with hope.  Hope is the answer to a simple question that comes before all other questions …

Is there ANYTHING that can help me?

I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but in the complex sale, the prospect has often arrived at a point of frustration.  They have usually tried some other options by the time they meet you.

Before they can move forward, hope needs to be reignited.

The big question for salespeople is “How can you offer hope?”

The answer is risk-reversal.  When we have such belief in what we sell, that we KNOW it will solve the prospects problem, we can confidently offer them a level of risk reversal.  If we are asking the prospect to spend real money with us, we should be offering them real hope.  It’s that simple.

What’s one thing you do to offer your prospects tangible hope for the future?