How do you sell without selling part one …

There are three things you can focus on that will allow you to sell without being salesy or pushy.   If you get this right, you will show up to the sale with a POWERFUL CALM that will distinguish you from everyone else the prospect speaks to.

The truth is that none of us like to be pushed into a purchase or pressured by a salesperson who clearly just wants to make the sale to serve their own agenda.  We all know that if we buy, the salesperson benefits.  The problem is, the salesperson’s benefit is just not our concern.  WE are our concern – our own needs are the main focus.

So, when you are in the role of salesperson how can you sell without selling?

I think there are three sides to this and today I want to address the first side … and if you’ve followed any of my work, you’ve heard me talk about this before.

Make the buyer feel safer with you than they do without you.  Buyer safety is the first part of selling without selling.

When the prospect knows that you are detached from the outcome, when they get the clear sense that the only thing you care about is helping them to get to an outcome that serves them, they will feel safer with you than they do without you.

This is counter intuitive to all typical sales practice.

There are a few keys to making the buyer feel safer with you than they do without you:

Take the time to understand them at a very deep and intimate level – intel is king.

Let them know that your main goal is to get them to an outcome, whether that is with you or with someone else.

Give them a little space and time – you can’t use pressure to sell to someone who is already under pressure.

Like I said, counter intuitive.

Part two is coming in a couple of days, but for now, I’d love to hear your thoughts about creating buyer safety versus more traditional approaches to selling.