Price should ALWAYS be positioned in the context of value and NEVER in the context of time.

Time is the currency of commoditised value – selling an hourly or daily rate diminishes all conversation about profound value …

If you want to lead a prospect into a deeper conversation about your transformational value, don’t set your fee on hourly rates.

Set your fee based on market demand and results delivered.

Look at the continuum model in the image.

Selling time is a race to the cheapest price.

Selling value requires a push up to better sales strategies.

If you provide a complex product or service and deliver it as a premium solution, you have a responsibility to establish the fee based on the difference it makes to the client.

The power of a great visual model is that it doesn’t allow you to set fees based on time. A powerful model demands that you find value and the genius behind that value.

In fact, one thing a visual model CAN’T do is make sense of an hourly rate – the model immediately loses all power.

As a selling strategy, selling with models keeps you on track with selling transformational value.

I’d love to know what strategies you’ve used to stop selling based on time.