I’m sure you’re familiar with this scenario, you’re waiting at the counter in a shop and you just can’t catch the person’s eye …

They’re going about finishing off their immediate task before they serve you and to do that, they avoid eye contact with you. 

All the while you probably just want one thing …

To be seen!

There’s a wonderful Zulu greeting used when two people meet.  One will say to the other “Sawubona” which translates into “I see you” – it places importance on directing all our attention toward the other person to make sure they know that we have truly “seen” them.

When we have a need, all most of us really want is to find someone who can help us and who just “gets us”.

When you or your team sell and serve customers, would your customers feel like the situation at the top of this post or would they feel like they have just been greeted with Sawubona?

When we sell we have two primary responsibilities – to make the customer feel safe about buying from us and to help them feel like we really see them and can give them the result they hope for.

In the era of digital sales funnels and automated systems, it may be more important than ever to make sure we keep the human contact.

How do you make sure your customers feel truly seen?

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