Wow!  2023 may well prove to be the year of Artificial Intelligence really hitting the road in marketing and other business applications.

It seems all I’ve heard about in the past few weeks are AI solutions that can write incredible copy, create images, craft music and so much more.

People are beginning to wonder what the role of humans will be.

Well, I can tell you at least one thing humans will still need to do for the foreseeable future … hold the sales conversation!

The sales presentation for complex products and services will still be done by humans because people want to talk with and ask questions of other people.

Yet the sales presentation is one of the least practised parts of the sales process.

Buying behaviours are changing, the world around us is changing, the tools available to us are changing and of course that means we need to keep improving the things we do in order to keep up.

The old sales presentation methods of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, that most selling is still based on, really are quite outdated.

It’s time for the sales presentation to change.