There are a LOT of myths in selling and it’s time to debunk some of them …

Myth: The best salespeople have the gift of the gab!

Reality:  The best salespeople have a deep and profound understanding of the known, hidden and unknown problems the customer faces … AND the best salespeople can go to a deeply profound level of value to address those problems in a powerfully calm way!

Myth:  Show the prospect the features and benefits, ask them questions, build tension, handle the objections … and you’ll close the sale.

Reality:  Don’t rely on features and benefits – all these do is create a sense of “due-diligence.”  Instead, offer the prospect future-paced outcomes.  Show them how you will change their future.  Build the tension against both the now AND the future!

Myth: You need to get to the product demonstration as fast as you can.

Reality:  You need to help the prospect to recognise that you have a deeper and more organised framework of genius behind what you sell than ANYONE else they’ve met.

Myth:  People don’t have time, or don’t want to take the time. to really understand the value of what you do.

Reality:  People will give you all the time you need, if you’re SHOWING them that their circumstances can change significantly and they can see HOW that could happen.

Myth:  The prospect only wants to buy on price.

Reality:  Someone charges the highest price in every market, and they’re usually doing very well.  The difference is that they express the value of what they do, in a more innovative and effective way … and they don’t believe that customers only buy on price.

So many of these myths come down to everyone being drawn into the tricks, tips and techniques of the industrial age approach to selling.

In 2023, you MUST have a better way to sell!  

You can do that by having a single, unified and organised framework that explains the true brilliance of what you do … we call that the Genius Model.

Around that, you need a sales narrative that is transparent and, yet, emotionally powerful.  We do that with the Models-Based Sales Process and the Million-Dollar Sales Model Suite.