Sales conversations are never held in a vacuum …

Every time you engage in a sales conversation with a prospect, there will always be surrounding competitors trying to make their arguments and win favour.

Sometimes those competitors are not the people who sell what you sell. They can also be other people within the prospect’s world, even from within their own company, who want to follow a different strategy, prioritise a different budget or just push their own ideas.

The noise around your sales conversation includes any distracting conversations your prospect might be having – either directly or indirectly.

Your sales conversation MUST make sense in the context of the problem your prospect is trying to solve.

More importantly, it must make more sense than every other argument in front of them.

That means you must have clarity about what distinguishes you from all the other noise … and it may not be your product!

HOW you communicate in your selling is often a greater differentiator than what you sell. 

We use visual models to completely redefine the sales conversation and make it simple, memorable and impactful.

What do you do?