I’m always asked a seemingly simple question, which actually has a much deeper question behind it …

We’ve just run our first online Sales Masterclass for 2021 to enrol participants into our first Create My Models Group Program for the year. During the Masterclass, we demonstrate the game-changing power of visual models in the sales conversation. And people seeing it for the first time are stunned by the powerful simplicity of the models.

Following the Masterclass, a common question is often asked … “How will visual models change our sales results?”

This question hides a much more valuable question behind it. The REAL question should be “If I show up as the deepest thinking, most wise person my prospects have spoken to, how will that impact my sales results?”

The answer, of course, is that it will skyrocket conversion.

The use of visual models turns you into that wise sage. Models allow you to show up as a deep-thinking, wise person. Models package complexity into simplicity that lets you connect at a deep level.

Given that people today want to buy profound value, I wonder … what strategies are you using so you showing up as a Sage?