You can sell like a salesperson, you can sell like a thought leader OR you can sell like a Sage …

People are hard wired to resist the pitch from a salesperson and they’re also pretty sceptical about thought leadership. It’s understandable – both these sales positions are based on getting the customer to see you as their saviour or hero.

When you sell like a Sage everything changes. The Sage focuses on seeing the customer and making sure the customer feels seen.

Sage like selling is wisdom-based not “positioning”-based.

The Sage demonstrates profound genius, with an aura of powerful calm and they communicate with conceptual simplicity.

The Sage relies on presence, not pressure, and they replace complexity with clarity.

And they do it effortlessly and with higher conversion.

So how do you demonstrate profound genius, powerful calm and conceptual simplicity?

Simple, you use a visual, models-based, selling system. You replace the reliance on language with psychologically-powerful blueprints for the brain that, just by their existence and your command of them, elevate you to Sage-like communication.