Getting an investor to give you a big chunk of money is exactly the same as getting a prospect to buy your product or service!

I heard a really successful entrepreneur make a statement recently about one of the things he learned through his various capital raising activities.  

It’s a super insightful observation that has the potential to completely reshape how you should go about getting people to invest with you.

He said that investors don’t want to meet you, they want to be INTRODUCED to you.

It’s all about the network!

Customers are the same …

Your best prospects don’t want to have to FIND you, they want to be TOLD about you.

The significant percentage of buying customers find their way to the purchase through referring networks and relationships, and those referring relationships have never been more important than they are right now.

In a shifting economy, relationships become an even more valuable currency.

So how do you prosper in business in a shifting economy?  How do you maximise the value of your network to drive greater revenue?

Well, the answer may be simple, but still hard to do … you need to dominate your space.  You need to out-think, out-sell and out-serve your market.

When you’re at the top of your market space it’s easy for your clients to refer you, people are being told about you all the time and you become pursued rather than doing the chasing.