How To Make Referring You To Others Easy

Most businesses don’t have a deliberate system for referrals and when they do ask for referrals they make it harder than it should be for their client to refer them to others.
The Referral Triangle outlines the anatomy of a referral that you can use to make referring you to others easy.

The Referral Triangle Explained:

  1. Make the referral process a normal thing. Establish a rhythm and frequency of talking about connections to other people, sharing your information with others, introducing you to others. We don’t want the referral to loom as a big thing. We want it to become a constant, normal, small thing to do.
  2. Make giving you a referral easy. Give your clients something tangible and valuable to share. Talking about you with someone else is hard. They don’t know what to say and it feels awkward. GIFTING you to someone else is much easier. Give them something of real value to share or gift that they can simply “hand over”. Your Genius Model is perfect for this. Videos, tools and pdf’s are also great. It should be valuable enough to sell in its own right, otherwise it is not a gift.
  3. Make it about them. The point of a referral for the referrer is that it makes them feel better and it makes them look good. It should build their reputation and their relationships. Don’t ever let them down and make sure you display high levels of gratitude. A great idea is to connect their referral to a greater good. Donate to a charity on their behalf and then thank them AFTER it is done. However, don’t use greater good, as a lever to get the referral.

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